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Kugoo G-2 Pro Brake Disc

Kugoo G-2 Pro Brake Disc

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Kugoo G2 Pro brake disc replacement. If your Kugoo G2 Pro electric scooter has a damaged brake disc you may need to replace this part on your e-scooter.

If you can hear a rubbing or 'ting ting' sound coming from either the front or the rear wheel on your electric scooter while riding then your brake disc disc is warped and should be replaced.

Note; replacing this part may require specific tools and technical ability and should only be completed by a competent person. Ensure to consult the warranty policy for your scooter before taking on any repairs yourself

If you have difficulty completing your electric scooter repair yourself please feel free to contact us  and make an appointment to drop in and we will do the job for you in our electric scooter repair centre in Dublin 15.

Our e-scooter repair centre in Dublin 15 has stock of a range of Kugoo spare parts and is equipped to carry out repairs for any issues with your KUGOO ELECTRIC SCOOTER

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