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Engwe T14 Electric Bike

Engwe T14 Electric Bike

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The Engwe T14 is a great option for those looking for a compact, foldable electric bike. This is a great city bike option from Engwe, who are swiftly establishing themselves as a market leader for electric bikes in Ireland. This bike has got medium range, smaller tyres and is of great build quality. We really like that the battery is removable, allowing you to bring the battery in to charge separately and we love the folded size of this foldable electric bike from Engwe.


A removable 10Ah litium ion battery allows you to reach a range of up to 40Km+ on a single charge. This will depend on factors like rider size, speed, terrain and weather conditions. The battery is removable so you can take the battery out to charge it or you can charge it in the bike. It means that you can also purchase a second battery if you would like to have 2, doubling your maximum range. The smaller battery size further contributes to a much lighter city bike.


The 14 x 2 inch city tyres are just the size needed on a bike of this style and design. They're small and lightweight, allowing for a much smaller folded size. They're not too small though, and are perfectly safe for city riding


Unlike the higher spec engwe engine pro electric bike which has excellent hydraulic brakes, the Engwe T14 has Tektro mechanical brakes. Our expert opinion on mechanical brakes for a bike this large is that they are questionable and may require adjustment very frequently. That's why petes electric bike repair ltd  offer an upgraded brake pack, replacing the stock brakes with XTECH semi hydraulic brake callipers. These deliver a much better braking action on your new Engwe T14 electric bike and we recommend getting these installed.



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